Hi Soon-to-be Mums!

Paternity is a huge task which will undoubtedly change your partner’s life forever. Whether your pregnancy was a long time coming or a complete surprise, your partner is likely to have some worries about becoming a dad. He probably feels those little worries and insecurities that keep you awake at night too.

Besides, your home should be kept in order at this time. A babysitter or mother-in-law must not be present in the house before activities in the house can fall into place.



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Here are the six best ways to get your hubby prepared for paternity;
1. Urging him to help you: Your partner will be tasked with looking after you while you take care of the baby, during pregnancy and the first few weeks of parenthood.Thus, ensure that he knows this, and let him know how you want him to help you such as cooking meals, laundry, acting as a gatekeeper for unwanted guests and family members, and tidying up.

2. Communication: At this point, make your hubby know your expectations, and how he can help you out during pregnancy and motherhood. Also take time to listen to his concerns and anxieties too. Be understanding towards his feelings and offer support and guidance where necessary.

3. Bump bonding: Since you spend every single second of the pregnancy with your developing baby, you feel the kicks, the hiccups, and notice when the baby is sleeping. In as much as your partner feels lucky to have avoided the backache, swollen ankles and hormonal roller coaster of pregnancy, he is also probably a little jealous. This shows that without even trying, you are already starting to bond with your baby. You should encourage your partner to do the same, so as to make the transition to paternity easier for him.

4. Birth bonding: Ensure your partner is topless for his first cuddle with his new baby, and encourage him to spend a bit of time each day having skin to skin contact with his new baby. It is not just mums and babies who benefit from skin to skin, it has been shown to help dads bond with their newborns too.

5. Baby care: You should get your partner involved in baby care from the very beginning. Your partner cannot feed the baby, if you are breastfeeding. Thus, he can play an active role in your breastfeeding journey by rendering help such as changing nappies, getting the baby dressed and carrying the baby in a sling.

6. Confidence and reassurance: You may feel worried that you are doing everything wrong during the first few weeks as a parent. This is because this period can be terrifying. He is just as nervous as you too, though he may not always act it. Hence, reassure him when he is doing a good job, helping him build confidence in his new role.

Trust me, paternity is less cumbersome with these preparations!

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