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A very bad thing that just cannot be tolerated from a lady is a bad smell. Imagine when you walk beside some persons and they seriously hold their breath until you are gone. This is totally embarrassing, no matter how you wish to paint the issue. Even if some men are stamped with a highly offensive odour, a woman’s case should not be that in any way. It’s completely nay!

Aside the observance of proper hygiene, one of the ways to keep a lovely smell always is by wearing a nice perfume. Perfumes are super good for women. Not just any form of perfume, but the one that would be long lasting and wouldn’t leave marks on clothes. To this effect, you need to get yourself updated on the ideal perfumes to use. These are the six best perfumes every lady should go for;

1. Mary kay Eau de Parfum: This expensive-smelling perfume is good for women. This one really knocks out a lot of the competition. It’s very beautiful and soft, yet has a classic and sophisticated allure.

perf2 mkybelw_aedp__10

Mary kay

Hello World

2. Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things Noir Eau de Parfum: This smells fantastic. It has a very sexy smell. The smell is not only amazing, but the bottle is fun too. It has a little squeeze bulb that releases the perfume. It’s just perfect for a lady.

perf2 -victoria's-secret-sexy-little-things-noir

Victoria’s Secret

3. Narciso Rodriguez For Her Eau de Parfum: This is feminine and fabulous. It’s sweet and floral undertones blend perfectly with musky notes. It smells lush, fresh and floral, and is long lasting. You’ll get tons of compliments every time you wear this.

perf3 narciso-rodriguez-her-edp-mini_4_1024x1024


4. Escada Magnetism:This exotic, sophisticated scent is recommended for evening or special occasions. It has a fruity scent with a hint of floral undertones. This scent truly can get a guy attracted to you.



5. Chanel Chance: This smells like spring. It is captivating as you’ll get compliments left and right from females and males, old and young. It is timeless too.


Chance Chanel

6. Acqua di Parma Profuma: You won’t leave the house without it, trust me. This is a beautiful scent that comes in a cute little bottle. The perfume is long-lasting and gives you a warm embrace. It’s perfect too.


Aqua di Parma

These are lovely. They truly are the best perfumes!

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