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It is very normal to find oneself confused on what colour of nail polish to wear. You are totally in the dilemma of what nail polish colours to combine. You sometimes ask yourself, ‘what’s going to work on both my hands and feet? Should the colours be the same?’. This indecisive nature of yours not only kills your time, but can make you end up not selecting beautiful and matching polish colours. There are nail polish combinations that are beautiful together. In order not to continue wasting your time, here are six best nail polish combinations that look great;

1.MAGENTA AND DUSTY ROSE: Make a lovely combination of nail polish by pairing a bright fuchsia with a greyish pink. This this gives you a beautiful berry hue.

Nail comb1


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2.ORANGEY CORAL AND MUTED BEIGE: Mixing orangey coral with muted beige is another great combination to try. This pair would definitely make you stare continuously at your nails.

Nail comb2


3. SHIMMERY BRONZE AND STARK WHITE: This combo is an ultimate look-tanner. You would always love to show off your hands and feet with this.

Nail comb3


4. CHERRY RED AND BALLET PINK: With a beautiful cherry red and ballet pink combination, your toes are set for those lovely sandals.

Nail comb4


5. SLATE GRAY AND MINT GREEN: If you are searching for a true definition of cool nail polish colours, just try the slate grey and mint green combination on fingers and toes.

Nail comb5


6. HOT PINK AND POWDER BLUE: This lovely wildcard combo could be compared to a cotton candy. This combination would leave you wanting to eat your fingers, as they truly look like candies.

Nail comb6


These nail polish combinations truly look great together!

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