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One of the worst things about hot weather is the melting of makeup. Seriously speaking, what is less chic than sweating your face off? Ideally, a chic should ensure that her makeup lasts long on her face, no matter the weather. Here are the six best hot weather beauty products;

1. Michael Kors Hydrating Bronze Gel Creme: This is one of the beauty products that is super easy to blend with your foundation. It smells absolutely amazing. One good reason to love this gel bronzer is that it has a bit of shimmer which gives your face that perfect glow in hot weather.


1 michael-kors

Michael kors

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2. Bare Mineral Complexion Rescue: This beauty product is suitable for hot weather because it’s tinted and has a SPF 30. Tinted moisturizers are usually preferable for hot weather, as they give your face more colour. It’s just light on skin, while protecting your skin from the sun.


2 complexion-rescue-gel-spice-8-1-940

Complexion rescue

3Perfecting Gloss: This not only adds shine to your lips, but it is also good for your lips as you wear it. It adds fullness, firmness and hydration to the lips. When your lips tend to get dry in hot weather, this product is just ideal for you.


3 Perfect gloss

Perfect gloss

4. Tarte Palette and Glow: This is extremely versatile. It can be used day to night, and it’s extremely long lasting. It simply gives your face a perfect glow.



4 Tarte palette

Tarte palette

5. Stila Aqua Glow Perfecting Primer: Priming your face is a must-do thus this primer has an eight hour long lasting wear that keeps your face moisturized and smooth! It’s a water-based product that is very hydrating and cooling.

5 Stila-Aqua-Glow-Perfecting-Primer6

Stila Aqua

6. Supergoop Setting Mist: This ultimate defense against hot weather creates a matte finish as well as providing an SPF of 50. with this, you won’t bother to re-powder your face.

6 supergoopdefenserefresh_lexilazaro

supergoop defense

These hot weather beauty products are superb!

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