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It feels nice to be admired in the crowd, especially when you are taken as a cute model. Then it’s possible you have an A+ beauty regime if this happens. On the other hand, putting up some old and annoying habits out there could get people mad at you. These unacceptable habits could get you into trouble.  Thus, as you reach the end of your late twenties, you are looking back at your grooming hits of the last decade. Well, there are beauty commandments you ought to follow now. Here are the six beauty commandments to follow before you turn twenty-five;


Beauty commandments

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1. Everyday use of SPF: Don’t go out in the sun with naked skin. Apply SPF throughout the day. Sizzling your skin in the sun will cause spots and wrinkles and these will not make you age gracefully. Besides, you could develop melasma, a darkening of your upper lip caused by sun exposure. Go for a self-tanner, it is your best mate.

2.Up your perfume game: It is best to develop a signature scent. This helps in the dating department, but do it wisely; don’t over-spritz it. Spray it on your wrists, neck, and in front of you.

3. Develop love for lipstick: Anyone can wear lip colours, so long as you get used to seeing it on your face. Lipstick not only makes you beautiful, it also gives you great confidence.

4. Invest in hair removal: It’s time to ditch your razor for a long-lasting treatment, if you are ready to wear a big-girl bikini. A monthly bikini wax will slow down the growth of your strands and make you feel more confident at the beach. Do well to exfoliate the area once a week and use a salicylic acid serum to avoid unwanted ingrown hairs.

5. Rinse and  moisturize always:  Now is the time to start a proper skincare regime. You may have been used to wiping your face with pre-soaked towels or even doing nothing at all in your teens. This time, make sure your beauty bag is stocked with a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser, and eye cream. Use the products twice a day.

6. You are not a dermatologist: You are probably used to playing the game of taking a shower, after which you pick your face, popping every black, or white head you saw. This causes scars and dark spots and so it’s not pretty. Thus, this habit has to stop. Simply book a facial as soon as possible.

Honestly, your skin twenty-five years from now will thank you for these beauty commandments you followed!

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