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We ladies often fall for the hype of a product. It becomes very disheartening when you purchase some lip balms and consider it a “notable fail”. The aim of applying a lip balm is defeated if you have to keep re-applying all day. Here are the five worst lip balms to apply;

1.Nuxe paris ultra nourishing lip balm: As one of the five worst lip balms, the texture of this lip balm is incredibly thick and very waxy. Instead of being emollient or moisturizing, it feels pasty. Lots of reviewers have said it does nothing for their dry lips.



Nuxe paris

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2. Nivea A kiss of shimmer radiant lip care: This lip balm doesn’t give the moisture it promises. It’s completely ineffective for dry lips. Its tendency to cake on the lips and its frosted pink color are the most disappointing aspect of it. This could be compared to coloring your lips with a pink crayon.




3. E.L.F essential soothing lip balm: This balm claims it infuses dry lips with vitamins A, E and Shea butter, but it dries out on the lips and just disappears after a couple minutes. Most persons are unhappy with the white coloring the balm gives their lips.



4. The body shop mango lip butter: You could be in love with the mango smell, but too bad, you won’t like this. This lip balm has also left its users with great disappointment. It gives a waxy and grimy feeling and makes for difficult application.



Body shop

5. Blistex fruit smoothies: Blistex is well known for  dry lip treatments but disappointingly, the lip balm is a no go area. It gives no moisture. It has a weird smell and tacky feeling on lips.



These lip balms are just not friendly to the lips!

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