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Holidays are over! Most of us must have grown fatter than we used to be before the holidays started. At this time, many of us would be seriously longing to shed some weight. Well, it’s usually a herculean task to get your butt to the gym without wasting your time and energy believing some old tales or workout myths. Some people have the belief that the harder you exercise, the more positive results you get, but it’s not always the case in most cases. Here are the five workout myths you have to stop believing now;

1. Strength Training Will Turn You Into A Bodybuilder:

Truth be told, lifting weights will not instantaneously turn your feminine figure into a bulky mass of muscles. Strength training actually helps you burn fat and calories more efficiently.

Strength training

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2. The More Time. The Better:

Getting into the best shape of your life doesn’t have to take hours upon hours of tedious training. It really comes down to concentrated effort. Besides, walking at a leisurely pace doesn’t hold a candle to a quick and dirty.

More time

3. You Can Change Your Natural Shape:

This is a complete sorry to Kardashian wannabes. You can’t spot-target fat. Instead, do full-body exercises like burpees and jumping rope to burn general fat. You can then tone certain areas, but you won’t magically transform into a different person. it’s not possible.

Natural shape

4. You Can ‘t Work Out While You Are Sick:

Despite the fact that this seems to be a perfect excuse, it is false. Unless you have a fever or your symptoms are in your chest, it’s more than OK to work on your fitness. In fact, a quick run might just make you feel better.


5. No Pain, No Gain:

It’s completely alright  to push through a cold or allergies, but if you experience sharp, isolated pain anywhere, do not ignore it. This won’t make you stronger; in fact, you might be putting yourself in danger of a serious injury. Discomfort is one thing, straight-up pain is another.


Truly, not all workout myths are to be believed, but always remember to still be good to yourself at all times!

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