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Keeping fit or workouts have become very trendy. This is pretty cool and amazing. There are organic lunch spots and affordable yoga studios on every corner you can easily sign up, but there are a few wellness trends we have kind of had enough of thus, we need to bid them farewell. Here are the five wellness trends we are ready to say bid farewell in 2017;

1.Smoothie Bowls:

At this time, we are slightly confused as to why a smoothie gets to be twice as expensive just because you eat it with a spoon. I think it’s time to stick to yogurt for breakfast.


Hello World

2.Cold-Pressed Juices:

These are undeniably healthy but because juice is low in fiber, it will make your blood sugar spike and you might feel hungry again pretty quickly. Eating a bowl of fruit which is high in fiber is way more satisfying and probably cheaper.

Cold pressed

3.Wearing Leggings Everywhere:

If you are on your way to the gym, it’s fine. If you are physically engaged in the act of running, awesome, but if you are going to dinner, put on some real pants. They can still be comfy, but actual pants, please.


4.Gym Selfies:

Snaps to the folks who take a daily selfie to track progress at the gym. But maybe you could keep those sweaty snapshots in your own phone instead of flooding your friends’ social feeds?

Gym Selfies

5.Fitness Trackers:

Technology has become really awesome, and if you use a tracker and love it, that’s fabulous. But don’t forget you don’t actually need it to run, bike, meditate or be active. That’s all you, lady, and it doesn’t cost a thing.


 We can do without these wellness trends this year!
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