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The things we do to stay beautiful, there is only so much I can try and experiment with, things like using olive oil for my hair to keep it in check, rubbing mayonnaise on my hair to give it shine and nourishment, using avocado mask or eggs on my face for a clear skin etc This are things I can most certainly get into, although some of this treatments might leave you smelling some type of way but that’s just for a few days.

This things above may seem strange to you but their strangeness does not compare to what a lot of other people get into in the name of beauty (no judgement) if you find a regimen that is strange but works for you then thumbs up girl! keep it up. Here are 5 weird beauty treatments that would shock you literally;


Hello World

  • Ever heard of the vampire facial? Well its when a person just goes on and gets blood injected into their face…you know because why not (Kim Kardashian does it). Never ever just saying but no judgement of course.


  • Then there is the fish pedicures am sure you’ve heard of this one, if you haven’t let me explain, this is where fish feed off the dead skin cell off your feet, yummy for the fishes nightmares for you #word but again no judgement.
Fish Pedicure

Fish Pedicure

  • This is a weird treatment I can get into, did you know tooth paste dries out your blemishes? well it does Hurray! for this tip, I see myself rubbing this all over my face. Not so weird right? moving on…
  • So the birds have something useful for you, their Poop… did you know some spa’s offer a service which they call the geisha facial well they use nightingale poop for this. Urmm I think I would pass (now I want to spew). NEXT!
  • Finally the creepiest of them all, Placenta Facial (shivers) who does this? (Victoria Beckham, Simon Cowell etc. Hell no bye Felicia.


Oh wait I have one more the slimy snail facial said to benefit the face, reduce inflammation, moisturize etc this originated from Tokyo. Well ladies tell me which one of this weird treatment you can try out, am curious to know leave your answer in the comment box below.

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