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Our body is a temple that sometimes get ambushed so it is safe to say that almost every woman has been attacked by the monstrous yeast beast at least once in her life. Now, ensuring that it never happens again has not been proven yet, however we can take precautions by trying to prevent them. Here’s how to prevent yeast infections;



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1. Yeast flourishes off sugar (fact), the glucose found in carbohydrate foods helps them to stick to the vaginal cell therefore limit your sugar consumption and also limit intake of fruits like banana, grains like wheat and sweeteners if you are prone to this infection.

2. Damp environments is an ideal place for yeast to grow and so the longer you sit in sweaty clothes the more chances there is that you are providing a breeding ground for this unwanted companions. So as soon as your work out is done, take a shower and dry up asap.

3. Cotton absorbs moisture better than any other fabric and it helps to keep that area (Vjayjay) dry so try wearing underwear that is line with cotton or made of cotton. Also avoid prolonged wear of panty liners and have a second thought around wearing thongs because these two can cause a microscopic tear; that could be the starting point for an infection.

4. Stress is the root of almost or all evil; so taking time to breath helps your immune system and keeps it in shape. It also prevents all sorts of infection and that includes the vaginal yeast infection. One of the ways to reduce stress is when you sleep better ( a solid 8hrs).

5. Scented tampons contains perfumes which are chemicals that upset the natural balance of good bacteria and micro-organisms. So go for a scent free and organic feminine care product to stay yeast free.

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