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Ever wondered what it’s like to wear lipstick on chapped lips? Hmmmmm…..not a lovable sight at all. No amount of lipstick, gloss or makeup can cover the hideousness of badly maintained lips. A pair of chapped, torn and faded or dark lips makes anyone look undesirable. The good news is; there are ways by which you can maintain baby soft pink and enviable lips.

Soft lips

Soft lips

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Here are the top five ways to maintain soft lips;

1. Use of orange peels and rose petals:

To maintain soft lips, orange peels are great for bringing life to dark and dull lips. Use the fruit coverings to cleanse the skin of your lips and to lighten the dark skin tone of your lips. This leaves lips very soft.

2. Choose the right lip balm:

You need to keep lips hydrated at all times in order to prevent drying and chapping of lips. Licking lips will not help instead it would deteriorate the lips as saliva tends to quicken the pace of drying the skin. For keeping your lips moisturized and hydrated, you ought to use the correct lip balm. Make sure your lips are always covered with lip balm. Look out for lip balms with moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin E and aloe.

3. Exfoliate gently:

Not only is exfoliation a necessity for good skin, it is also a must for the maintenance of soft kissable lips. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to keep your lips soft is to gently massage them with a clean toothbrush. Exfoliate them with a little sugar or sea salt if they are not cracked. Use olive oil or an oil or liquid you are comfortable with and massage sugar or salt onto your lips in a circular fashion and wipe clean.

4. Consume more of vitamin A and B:

Habits such as smoking, destroy the quality of lips and so does an unhealthy diet. Thus, ensure that your diet is rich in vitamins A and B because they are the main nutrients that nourish the skin of your lips. Consume more of tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

5. Apply butter and milk cream:

Applying chilled milk cream on your lips prevents dryness. It is advisable to dab some onto your lips and keep it on for an hour or so before washing it off. You can also apply pure and unsalted form of butter or almond oil on lips and massage them gently to help in moisturize your lips.


Regularly do all these and you will have soft enviable lips within no time!

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