5 Ways LindaIkeji Is Ripping You Off and You Don’t Even Know It – She Makes N37Millon Per Month


Well the truth is that this has nothing to do with Fashion. But we just thought to share this with you guys. I mean that is why we are the police right!

I don’t know if you guys are aware that while you are sitting in your office doing a lot of work,  Linda Ikeji is making millions off you and you don’t even know it. For a while in Nigeria, the cost of internet was very expensive and regarded as a\ premium for only the rich but the competition amongst the Telcos has drastically dropped its price. So now Linda makes a sh**t  load of money for doing absolutely nothing ooo. It’s crazy like that, the annoying part(don’t act like you not jealous) is that some of this is extremely low-key so nobody knows about it well enough.

In case you are really busy, allow me summarize this article here before sharp sharp. She makes the following ways

  1. Celebrity post : 200K per day, 1M per week, 4 M per month.
  2. Company post : 150K per day, 900K per week, 3.6M per month.
  3. Company Banners : 25 Side Banners at an average of 400K per banner, 2 Header Banner at 800K per banner This sums up to 11.6M per month
  4. Advertising Network : Google Adsense is not fixed. It largely depends on how many times visitors like us click an ad. But it is safe to assume she currently does over $80K to $90K. Please note that I wrote dollars. This mean 16.2M per month

5 Homepage : 1.6M per month.

Total : 37M per month (am scared to include the per year figure).

Incase you don’t understand any of the things I wrote. See details below :


  1. Celebrity Post : Yes o . Whether you believe it or not, Linda gets paid a lot from celebrities so they can remain relevant in their specific industry. Especially Ibinabo Fiberesima ( I mean we all know that she pays Linda to keep getting in our face instead of facing her work jeje oo).  Next is Funke Akindele and Omotola Ekeinde, any small thing Linda would just aimlessly flash her pictures in our face (talking about holiday in the beach blah blah blah blah) You guys trust me, these things don’t happen randomly oo. They are heavily paid for by those celebrities. From this alone she makes an estimate of N100,000k per post(am sure you guys can do the remaining  math). Some celebs also release new songs and videos
  2. Company Post : This one is the most obvious of them all and quite frankly very annoying too. At first , it was a very impressive means of getting across to customers. You simply call her sister to ask if they have advertising space, then you pay N50,000 into her bank account and voila. You post would be published and some interested customers would get across to you. She does an average of 4 post per day. Of recent, she has gotten very proud and rude because guys like you and me have given her the opportunity to dominate the content space.  You call that her irritating sister (yeah the one that runs shapeyou or whatever they call it) to ask if they have space and you even pay only for them to publish your content whenever they feel like it and the worst part is that customers no longer call like before because she has crowded her platform with so many distracting adverts. She absolutely not interested in engaging her audience, rather she just wants to cash out!
  3. Company Banners : Just the same way you pay to post content in her news feed, you can also decide to pay for banners, at the right and left side of the blog. Now there is an estimate of 35 banners in total on her website. Some of them her directly owned by companies while some of them are by CPM and CPC advertising networks like Adsense and Addynamo (more on that in the next point). The top upper banners are worth 800,000 each (there are 2 of them) while the upper right banner are worth N500,000 each. all other banners after that are worth N400,000 each.  Each time I calculate the amount made from this, I just get sad cause the service she offers advertisers in comparison to the money is absolutely ZERO!
  4. Advertising Networks : In Nigeria (and everywhere in the world actually), the most valuable and high paying ad agency is Google. They have a product called Google Adsense. As a publisher like Linda, you apply for Adsense and place there software on your blog( You would notice the large rectangle banner on the right and left side of her blog and a square banner when you click on a post. They all have a very small blue arrow on the upper right of the banner) After installing the software, you would sidon dey look and get paid as people click on your ad. It is really that simple. Asides Adsense there is also Adynammo, they run on the same principle except they don’t pay as well and as high as Google (though in Linda’s case they I am sure the country manager pays her a fixed amount.) Ad networks pay is varied with the amount of traffic you get but Linda gets around $80K to $90K
  5.  HomePage Takeover : This one is the most hellish actually, each time I visit her blog(when I used to) it actually hurts my eye. Companies pay a whopping 1.6 million to promote their brand on the homepage background of her blog. Yeah you heard me right, a whooping 1.6 million NAIRA.


Hello World

P.S This article was written here because I feel it’s better gist that we girls need to be informed about! I mean a girls gotta hustle nah. It is absolutely unfair that one person, just one person is making this type of money. Chai!! and she won’t even improve her service. She just keeps making this type of blood money! What do you guys think ? Cause me am beyond jealous, I am pissed!

We would be doing an article on Linda’s sister , the owner of ShapeYou – that annoying company that advertises twice per day on Linda’s blog!

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