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I love beauty hacks but then there are just some that have to find their way out of our list for good. Finding new ways to make ourselves look better is something that comes natural, the instinct to try out new beauty hacks, tips and trick is second nature to us. The joy that comes with trying out a beauty hack you got from your mother, the internet, gran ma or your best friend and it actually works is unimaginable but so is the annoyance and overwhelming sadness if there are some tips you got that didn’t form true or downright damaged your skin.

Its best to always try to find out what you put on your skin, here’s a little knowledge that you need; below are 5 + 1 beauty hacks you should totally ignore

  • Lemons are great, but are they so great for your outer skin? Doubtful. You see, layering lemon on your face to give you a brighter skin and to get rid of freckles comes with a down side. Lemon is super acidic and can dry out your skin in the long run striping it of natural oils, they can also cause skin irritation.
  • I’ve heard this so many time; who says you shouldn’t moisturize because you have an oily skin? This information should be debunked. One of the best way to control oily skin is to add light skin lotion so your skin doesn’t have to.
  • Going bold everywhere with your makeup can be a fun idea, if you know what you are doing but if not please stare clear and focus on the areas you want  pronounced.


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  • Blackheads can be a bit of a bother but is putting glue on them the right solution? Of course not, really glue just dries up and secrets harmful chemicals into your skin and they won’t even have the decency to remove the blackheads. Its safe to say look for products that are meant to get rid of blackheads,
  • Eye bags can be a bit of a bother so some people have suggested using hemorrhoid ointments to reduce it, yes it might shrink your skin but you have to be courteous because rather than turning into a pageant queen you might become a grand ma overnight because the chemical in this cream can cause irritations and spur of wrinkles.

+1. Rules are good but they are made by people so they are meant to be broken, everybody’s skin differs so its best you search for what works for your skin in particular.

Share your thoughts on more beauty hacks you think should be on the useless list.

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