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Hope you are all having a great day, many of my male friends get to complain that their girlfriends or female friends don’t like giving them gifts, instead the women want to receive the gifts. so where are all my ladies at? we all know how shopping for a guy is very tough, so here are 5 unique gifts for men especially if you are planning a surprise shopping gift package for your son, brother, bea or friend.

1) Gadgets: Whether its an apple I pad or I pod,blackberry, Nokia ow whatever brand is in vogue, that is what he would love. Having the latest innovation or gadgets makes men feel special and helps their self esteem a great deal. Be careful not to to go to the extreme and buy something that is above your capability.


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2). Perfumes: A man is not complete without spraying a particular brand of perfume so get him a very nice deodorant or cologne. . Some want to be recognized with the smell of their cologne…yes! some are vain like that (LOL). So if you want to get him a perfume, to be on a safe side its better you ask him the brand he loves or has been craving to try out for a long time. If you want to suprise him, you can go through their items to determine his brand.



3).Belts: This is one accessory most men don’t joke with. However be sure to buy very stylish and original belts, if not he will never wear it more than once. If you cant afford really nice belts because they cost too much, I advise you wait for sales from major shops and online fashion retail where the prices of these items are slashed to lower rates.



4). Socks: socks is another necessity because most men are always on shoes and most of them don’t see the necessity of getting many pairs and get to be stranded when the few pairs they have are dirty. You can get him nice pairs of socks but i advise you purchase neutrals because many cannot maintain colors like white, pink etc.



5). Earphones: A lot of men love music, so getting him very quality earphones won’t be a bad idea, just be very careful getting one because plenty inferior earphones are out there.



All that really matters is knowing what he likes and giving him the best. If you cant afford expensive things, instead of getting inferior i advise you get what is within your budget and be safe, also remember Dolls, you don’t wait till its Feb 14th or his birthday to surprise him.

Have a great day dolls.

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xoxo Thonia

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