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The world comprises of people of diverse faces, names, language, etc. Imagine how you would feel being around persons you seem not to understand their language! Not so funny I guess.

Now, there’s a huge difference between getting around France or Italy where there is plenty of English signage and many people speak English compared to getting around in, say, Morocco or Cambodia. In all these, you certainly need some travel tips that should serve you well anywhere.

Travel tips

Travel tips

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Here are the five travel tips you need when you don’t know the language;


Your smile goes a long way in almost any country except Russia, where it is not customary to smile at strangers.

2.Learn ten basic words:

If you know how to say “Hello,” “Thank you,” “Yes,” “No,” “Please,” “Goodbye,” “Do you speak English?”, “Where is…?”, “I’m lost,” and “Help”, you would be surprised how much you can accomplish. If you’ve arrived in a country without knowing any of these words, just ask someone at your hotel’s or any hotel’s front desk. Even if you learn only “Hello” and “Thank you,” showing you’ve made that effort will earn you considerable goodwill from the locals.

3.Carry a notepad and pen:

Playing Pictionary often helps out when hand gestures don’t get your message across. You can draw pictures to make yourself understood. The other person can use your notepad to write numbers or draw a map.

4.Use a translator app:

There are many to choose from, but the Google Translate app can be a lifesaver: Point the app’s camera at text; a menu, a road sign, a plaque in a museum, and the app automatically translates it. Besides, it lets you have a conversation with someone: Select a pair of languages, talk into the microphone, and the app translates whatever it hears in either language into the other.

5.Ask the right people for directions;

If for instance you are trying to figure out who on a street to ask for directions, the person most likely to speak English is usually a professionally dressed young person. But also consider walking into any hotel, restaurant, or store and asking an employee there for directions. I walk into hotels and ask concierges for help all the time.


These travel tips will even keep you longing to learn the language of that country you find yourself so, equip yourself with these now!

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