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Skill acquisition goes a long way to help everyone, as no knowledge is lost. Everyone wants to become better in any skill he or she has. Cooking is no exception. Even if you think you are hopeless in the kitchen; like everything else, practice and increasing your knowledge makes perfect. Besides, you’ll feel so good when people eat your food and commend you.

The key thing here is; just relax and pretend that you are playing with the ingredients and you will realize that cooking is not such a daunting task.

Better cook

Better cook

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Here are the five tips on how to become a better cook this year;

1.Endeavour To Have The Basic Tools Needed:

The chopping board is one very essential tool needed in the kitchen. It will help you cut the carrots or green bell peppers better as opposed to doing these without. Besides, it may be worth investing in that expensive blender because it gives you the best tomato puree.

2.Always Strive To Add To What You Know:

Increasing your knowledge of cooking constantly is important because you already know the basics of cooking and you are interested in improving your skills. Therefore, search for recipes on the web and in cookery books, read them through even if it is a recipe for a meal you think you have perfected. With Nigerian food recipes, and any other world recipe, there are often many ways to cook a meal and achieve the same results.

3. Timing:

One of the top tips on how to become a better cook is timing. This is because you may know all the ingredients you need, spend a lot of money on premium ingredients but get the timing wrong and all the money and time spent goes to nothing. Knowing the right time to add certain ingredients goes a long way to making your food taste better.


This matters too. Some things need to be done before you even light up the stove for example; you can take your time and cut up every vegetable that needs to be chopped, place them in separate bowls and set aside. This is so that once it is time to add these, it will be a matter of putting them into the pot rather than hurriedly washing and cutting them up just before you add them.

5.Pay Attention To Details:

Watch out for how your cooking can benefit from low, medium or high heat. Sometimes, you need high heat to get that white rice to dry quicker as medium heat will cause it to become soggy.


Bear in mind that there is always something new to learn. Thus, be a better cook this year by learning these tips!

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