Actress and producer Joselyn Dumas is in love with pink and it totally looks good on her. There are five colours that look good on everyone and among them is the colour PINK. The colour pink which carries the connotation of elegance and grace depending on how you wear it can provide you with a kind of sweetness that would radiate and make you pop.

The symbolic importance of the colour pink is that a few centuries ago, the colour pink was associated with being feminine, although originally made to be a manly colour it was sweet due to its poetic romance and soft/subtle expression.

This days almost every woman is in love with the colour and Joselyn Dumas is amongst this association. We mostly admire the way she has been able to associate the colour with gentleness and a hint of fierceness giving it a nontraditional and revolutionary interpretation.

The silhouette constructed by her dresses, with its embellishments and full display puts her curves on full display not to mention adding a line of extra-ness into her overall look. This unexpected elaborate pieces is a response to how classy the Joselyn Dumas truly is.

Check out the five times Joselyn Dumas stunned in pink dresses…

Gold Coast Princess

Hello World

Arabian Goddess

Ghana Barbie

Sleek Mame

Slay Mama

Source: Instagram | Joselyn Dumas

There’s definitely a favourite look for all of us, mine has to be  the one tittles Arabian Goddess, there’s something exciting about the entire piece; the details are just so precise and perfectly placed. Now, its time for you to tell me your favourite and why.

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