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Weddings are beautiful moments with fun all the way, the food (which is free by the way), being able to eat exactly what you want and in whatever amount you want, coupled with so many varieties of drinks and booze in some cases, drinking as much as you want since it’s free  ( by the way, free shayo can kill) makes it even more interesting. Or is it the display of new dance skills by the couple or guests. The fun continues until the couple finally leaves. But in between this fun, there are some things that might happen that wedding guests absolutely hate and you are probably not aware as the newly wedded couple. Anyways we are here to tell you 5 things wedding guests absolutely hate so help make your wedding event fun and forever memorable for your wedding guests.


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  • A ceremony that takes hours before reception: For guests that don’t stay close by or had to travel down, a long ceremony before the reception can be frustrating especially when they want to travel back that same day. Couples should ensure that each ceremony has a set time ( that’s apart from the reception…but sorry if you use a a hall that have speculated time)
  • Paying for their drinks: No guest wishes to take out of their wallet at parties, let alone to be charged to celebrate your wedding. Unlimited soda, wine and beer is a considerate part even if it’s just for the first few hours of the reception.
  • Too many long speeches: Guest are there to celebrate your wedding with you and that includes with food and drink. Delaying to serve these things, all because of long speeches given by the best man or Chairman can make guests hate your wedding.
  • Limited foods: Some guests primary purpose for coming to your wedding is because of the party rice and when the food finishes before it gets to their turn or if provided in small bites can make them angry and leave to go get real food elsewhere.
  • Having to wait in line for anything:  Who doesn’t love buffet servings or photo booths. But queuing for so long at a food station can be frustrating and annoying especially if it’s only one station.

Having taken care of all these, I bet you will have happy and energetic wedding guests to dig it with you all the way on the dance floor.

What do you hate as a wedding guest? What other things not listed here do you think wedding guests will hate? Share with us in the comment box.

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