Depression is a terminal sickness that requires an impressive tow to bring out a person from it, the smallest of problems becomes highly damaging and complicated if you are dealing with a depressed partner. It requires patience and determination to pull a depressed person out from the darkness, it is a time to prove your love for your partner instead of feeling bad or asking yourself repeated questions  like “why you”. Though, it is hard, but if you want ways to help your depressed partner, continue reading;

Black woman hugging her knees

Black woman hugging her knees

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  • Requires wondrous patience

You need to have faith in yourself so that your depressed partner can have faith in you, there will be a time when you would tell your partner that you love him/her the way he/she is but they won’t believe it and you need to explain yourself again and again, that is when you need to show patience. You need patience every single day and every minute of your lives because it will one day pay off when you see your partner smiling.

  • It isn’t a transformation that can go on and off

Getting your partner out of depression is a long process that requires constant pushing. You need to keep telling them to work harder and harder for the sake of people who love them. Your partner will not be perfectly fine all of a sudden and it might become overwhelming for you but that is the kind of emotion you need, otherwise, they will include your frustration to the list of things that makes them sad.

  • They will act on the Terminal

When you are in a relationship with a depressed partner, you are actually acting as a therapist and you need to be careful with what you do because the consequences of your actions can aggravate your partner due to his state of depression. It is either they push you away or won’t let you go for a single minute of the day, you need to balance the factor for them.

  • There will be times when you will be frustrated

You don’t need to feel guilty when you are frustrated because it is not an easy task to pull someone out of depression, it is normal as humans but let your frustration out elsewhere so you can refresh yourself and find the motivation to help your partner again.

  • Focus on the future

Help your partner to visualize how life would be when things are better and when you both get a chance to a normal life, looking forward will not only give them hope but will also make life easier for you. It can also act as your motivation to try harder to help your partner recover faster.

Are you dealing with a depressed person now, what are your ways of making them smile? Share with us below.

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