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Have you created a beauty bucket list yet? If you haven’t you have to hurry up because the rainy season would be up in months. So whats a beauty bucket list ?A beauty bucket list has all the beauty treatments, hair trends  and wellness items you would want to try out before the end of a particular season or period. Now, there are a lot of things we want to do during our free time like, laundry, hanging out with friends and families etc but do not forget those things you really want or need to try out.

To keep things easy, fun and simple create a bucket list to help point out all the stuffs you want to achieve before the end of the season. Here are some things i recommend should be in your bucket list for this season.


1. Get The Perfect Eyebrow: if your eyebrow treatment

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has been nothing but wack, then you need a pro’s touch, a pro would map out your eyebrow and give you the perfect shape to go with your feature.

2. The Right Foundation: having troubles with your foundation? still haven’t found that perfect blend? then you need to get right into the foundation hunt. Getting the right foundation can do wonders for your face so stop settling for patched up coverage and go foundation hunting. Visit beauty and makeup shops and test the different types they have, do this till you get that Wow! effect.

3. Get Refreshed: After a stressful month you need to refresh your skin which must have undergone strain, negligence and other effects. Match to your beauty and spa centre to get the proper care and pamper your body deserves.

4. Hair Crave: There must be a certain style that you haven’t gotten around to, take out time and make that hairdo before it goes out of trend or maybe you want to treat your hair then do it and stop wasting time.

5. Exercise: Very important, if you’ve been pushing this idea then stop because exercising your body is good for you, you could also try yoga, unplug meditation or Pilates. If there aren’t any gyms or studious closes to you then improvise and create your own gym or studio at home, download videos and ask your friends to join. Trust me its fun.

Remember to love yourself and have fun.

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