Am not married but I’ve stayed and worked along side brides and I know prior to their wedding day they are in charge of everything. All the planning buying and picking is usually done by the bride but this is a different ball game when it comes to the wedding day itself.

Brides always count down to their wedding day, expecting everything to be perfect but before you think to cut a bitch down for not doing something that’s not in the plan here are Five things that might not happen on your wedding day;

*You may not feel connected to your spouse

At that moment you might be thinking of a million and one things like; hope your hair clip stays in, why is that baby on the floor, who let aunt Judith wear this much makeup? All this things may cross your mind while staring at your googley eyed beau on the aisle this doesn’t mean you made a mistake in walking down the aisle.



Hello World

*You may not need to use the bathroom

Our bodies resonate according to our environment and if you ask brides if they used the bathroom on their wedding day 9 out of 10 would tell you they didn’t need to

Bathroom Break

Bathroom Break

*You might not get to eat the cake/food

I remember once my friend was starved on her wedding day. After picking out all the food on the menu its only natural to want a bite but guess what there might not be enough time to do that, just pray there would be someone that would keep some out of the one the vendor sends back (large family palava). But you might probably not get to eat the cake later.



*You might not have sex

Thinking about it, you would probably be too damn! tired after all the dancing and prancing about so don’t beat yourself up about it but if after 3:00 pm yoU still have the energy to go then good for you.




*You won’t get to micromanage every little detail

Sh*t’s gonna happen, someone is going to knock someone over, kids are going to pull at the table cloths and so on all you can do is sit down on your pedestal and ignore this little mishaps because its only natural.


What little things did you wish you could change on your wedding day? Share with us in the comment box below.

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