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The type of music played during a wedding goes a long way in determining the mood of the bride and of the guests. Of course its the couple’s big day and they will obviously want their favorite songs to be played especially during their first dance as a couple. It is suppose to be a fun-filled day for everybody present including the couple but there are just some things no one told the couple about picking wedding music.


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So just incase you are a bride-to-be and you are planning your wedding music,here are 5 things no one will tell you about picking your wedding music

  • You will obsess over your dancing skills and that of your partner: You’ve been warned by your family and friends, you might find yourself rushing to dancing lesson just for this purpose, dragging your partner along as well. So when trying to wow your guest,it’s best to know the better dancer and just follow the lead
  • Choosing your first-couple dance song might seems like an epic decision: You want a song that depict you guys as a couple, try settling for something that works for both of you or have your DJ mash up your favorite songs.
  • Favors from Friends: It will be hard to say no to you as a friend as it’s your big day. But if the deal is finally sealed, allow plenty of time to practice especially if it involves playing an instrument on your big day.
  • Not all sound system are equal: Ensure the sound system is tested and a sound check with the DJ or band to make sure you don’t need more amp. Do these when there is still additional time to rent if the need arises
  • You’ll want to be the DJ: Trust the professional to do their job be it for DJ or band. Talk to them about what you like and dislike,create a list of your must-play list and a do-not play list of your forbidden songs.

What have your experiences been like? Share with us by leaving your comments in the comment box below.

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