We all know that men do not joke with money, food or $3x and for them losing money to a ponzi scheme must be frustrating. Many men have lost millions to this ponzi scheme and have been confused as to how they will spend their Christmas. The only way a man can come to terms with this pronzi scheme loss is through their women and it can also be a way to make them love you more. Here are five things your man desperately needs now to come out of the shock;


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1. Never say “I told you: Stay away from the word “I told you” even if you did warn him from the start and he didn’t pay attention to you. He can never forget the fact that you warned him and he will always be reminded of that fact so you don’t need to rub it at their face.

2. Let your financial demands low down for now: Your partner just lost money and telling him you need an iPhone for Christmas is not the right time and that’s you just being insensitive. He is going through a rough patch and you should tighten your belt.

3. Don’t turn to a ponzi police: The topic of losing money is sore to him right now and reminding him every minute about it won’t help. Don’t send him every newspaper article, online post or social media meme on the subject.

4. Don’t use him as an advisory tale: Protect your man, this is not his highest moment and he needs to know that you have his back. You don’t have to tell your friends that his ponzi scheme failed so that they don’t look funny at him.

5. Don’t assume to every other life issue: “Don’t do that, you better listen to me before it ends up like your ponzi scheme” Nobody deserves this type of constant reminder of their failure and the man will just see you as been a nag. Don’t be that kind of girl.

Your man will love you the more if you have his back during his rough time.

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