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There are days when its just too hard and you can barely even muster enough energy to tackle your to-do list let alone watch TV. On days like this you need to find ways to improve your productivity level. Here are 5 surprising ways to be more productive (scientifically proven).

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Natural Lighting

Nature has given us day-ligh and so a study found that wprkers who completed their task n natural kighten did more than those who didn’t and this is because the circadian rythms were affected in the persons who didn’t use natural lightening resulting in lower productivity level. In other words try to sit near a window.

To-Do List

Writing out your tasks and ticking them off one after the other is coal but what about sketching them? A recent study showed that participants remembered to do annoying task when they sketched a picture of them

Time Out

We believe the more time we spend working the more work we can get done but thats not accoring to a recent research. Taking scheduled breaks have been found to improve concentration.

Sleep Time

This is obvious right? Yes but there’s a catch- a simple 30 minutes extra sleep can improve your procutive level. A research was carried out and the extra shut eyes resulted in a better response time.

The chatter box

A recent study showed that the person sitting next to you can seriously affect how seriously effective your productivity can be. So its best to have a sitting neighbor who goes through her to-do list than someone who talks a lot.

*Confirm Bets

We’ve got an extra way you could be productive- Sharpen your mind and have fun while doing it by predicting football scores. Click the above link to get started.


Which one has worked for you? Tell us in the comment section below.

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