Cheating is not gender biased and both men and women tend to keep partners hooked up for fun. Though you might think your relationship is real and not for $3x only, but most people had such thought and they later discovered that their partner used them for $3x and not for love, if you also feel that you are being used for $3x and there is nothing real in the relationship, here are signs to prove you right or wrong;

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1. Only available for physical relationship

This is the most common and strongest sign, they always have a valid reason not to accompany you to that event but when it comes to cuddling you in bed, they will say yes. Some will agree to go on a date with you because they know that what comes after it is $3x, some might even accompany you to certain parties to make it look like they are interested in you but they are just playing the long game for pursuit of nothing other than $3x.

2. Everything has to be dirty

It’s normal to playfully flirt and fool around at times in a fun relationship but when everything has to be dirty because they say so, it’s problematic. You will also notice that everything about the relationship is $3x, when you are trying to have a serious conversation and it turns into flirting every single time then it is a sign for you.

3. Uncomfortable in sharing emotions

A romantic relationship in which $3x is one of the many ways of expressing love does not lack sharing feelings but when the relationship is hollow and has nothing but bedroom intimacy then the absence of emotional sharing is not absurd because you will see no point in being personal with them. This is how people who are in a relationship for $3x think, get the candy and ignore the candy seller.

4. They have short term relationship history

Whatever the reason for which their past relationships was short can help you assess your current situation. This might not be enough to judge your partners intention but it does give you a hint, though, there is no harm in feeling like maybe they will love you like they have never loved anyone but you surely don’t want to be used for $3x and later left with your expectations crushed so if you know your partners history use it for your own good.

5. You did it when you didn’t want to

One of the telling signs your partner is only after $3x is when you find yourself  having $3x when you do not want to, if your partner cares about your mood and your emotions a single “NO” would have made them understand your denial. When they constantly try to turn your no into a yes all because they don’t give a damn about anything else other than $3x, it is a serious problem which should be dealt with as soon as possible.

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