Psychological manipulation can be intentional or otherwise and the sole aim is to make the victim doubt their own sanity. There are signs that determines whether your partner is manipulating you or not and without further ado, here are the signs that shows your partner is manipulating you;


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1. Always Apologizing

Manipulative partners apologize even if they did nothing wrong at all. They take full responsibility for anything that goes on between themselves and their partner, they are the ones that like to keep the peace so that their perceived unacceptable behavior is kept in check by themselves. As time goes on the manipulative partners turns this behavior into an habit which turns into a vicious circle itself.

2. Changing as a person

If you are an outgoing person with a bubbling personality but when you get into a relationship and notice that your personality changes gradually, then your partner is manipulating you. This happens little by little that you would never notice any difference and after some months or years, they start wondering what has happened to them and they are not the same person they once were. They have definitely lost their sparkle.

3. Decision making is impossible

This is one of the various ways by which manipulative people get hold of their partner. The partner will not be able to make decisions because of their need to keep the peace and the perpetrator is left to make all of the decisions which means all the power and control inevitably follows. We all have to take control of our life’s and not be swayed by someone else, other people can guide you or tell you how to paddle but it has to come from you.

4. Confusion reigns supreme

One of the ways to make a perpetrator remain ruler is to keep the oppressed confused, the options they give leaves the victims confused because in their minds there is only one choice and the option is suitable to the perpetrator. Though, sometimes our instinct tells us something is wrong but the perpetrator comes down hard and declare our instinct wrong which the victim will obey but feel uneasy about it and also has a hard time comprehending it all.

5. Withdrawal symptoms of a different kind

People starts asking questions regarding the victims absence and the victim with an immerse lack of self-esteem to boot, he/she does not understand what is going on themselves, thus rendering themselves unable to answer.

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Please share my story, I need your advice… So I’m in this wonderful relationship with this great guy for 7 years now.m his first girlfriend ND he is my first boyfriend also. To be sincere, our relationship has been nothing but the best and most of our friends even envy and pray for our kind of relationship. It’s like we r match made from heaven. He paints his future with me and always shows me off to friends and family. But few months ago, for the first time, he cheated on me. Continuation…. He wasn’t ready to let go of the gal so I spoke to the gal involved trying to save my relationship. He found out about it and broke up with me. After a while he came back apologizing and told me he realised his mistakes.Cos that was his first time, I forgave him. But I later found out that he was still seeing the gal.when I asked him again, he apologized and broke up with her in my presence. The issue now is, the girl still calls him ND tags him pictures on fb. Even sends him her good pictures on whatsapp. He swore to me there is nothing between them anymore.That she tagging him pictures and still calling him is nt something he can control. He uploads my pictures on fb with good captions and even on Bbm. But m still feeling insecured about the whole thing. M nt comfortable with her still calling him. I have spoken to him about it but he always tells me I have nothing to fear, he would never hurt me twice. Pls give me sincerest advice.

Dear Insecured

Seven years is a very long time to spend with somebody and it would be very hard to let go of him. It is obvious he wants to test the world since you are his first and only girlfriend for 7 years and the other girl will not mind being a side chick waiting for you to find out and leave him so she can have him all to herself. You should know that he upload your pictures on social media does not mean he is not cheating or has quit his affair with that girl.

You need to find out where the relationship is leading to and if he has you in his future plans because that is the only basis of you remaining in that relationship. If he really wants to be distanced from that girl he can as well block her on all social platforms, but If he does not act right and continue going back to that girl leaving you feeling insecure, then withdraw yourself gradually so that if he finally breaks up with you, it won’t hurt you as much.


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