Turning towards your partner when they are asking for your attention is one of the fundamental keys for relationship success, it makes a difference between demonstrating care for your spouse by giving them your attention and regarding them. Your partners internal emotional state is at stake when it’s your turn to listen, this normal moments are usually conversational ones in which one partner attempts to gain the attention of the other.


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1. Positive interactions

Communication is a very important aspect in a relationship, listening is a gift that you give to your partner when you are fully available to hear their words and the emotions behind it, play is a choice that you make to have fun with your partner. Both listening and playing contributes deeply to connected couple-hood, rather than giving your partner half of your attention, face them and listen intently to what they are saying. Treat them with the compassion that you also deserve.

2. Continuously learning about the other person

No matter how long you have been together, you can never really know another person. There will always be memories that your partner has and you do not know but you can get to know your partner more by asking deep questions.

3. Sharing intimate knowledge of yourself

Invite your partner to learn about your personal and private aspect of your life. It can include shared secrets, interpersonal rituals, bodily information, awareness of personal vulnerability and shared memory of embarrassing situations. Deeply connected partners have a special way of touching each other that convey meaning or give pleasure to the other, inside jokes, pet names and playful teasing are ways couples connect to each other on an intimate level.

4. Reinforced commitment

Trust is one of the most important factors for deeply connected couples, they take every opportunity to demonstrate to their spouse that they will protect their feelings. This demonstration of trust deepens their commitment to each other and betrayal is not in the language of committed couples, each partner protects the boundaries of the other person by keeping their partner’s intimate details secret which demonstrate trust to their partner.

5. Shared philosophy
When you tell others about your relationship, you talk in terms of ideas, values, goals and how you knew you were right for each other rather than your individual personality traits. Deeply connected couples know that each person is capable of change over their lifetime and what changes their core beliefs, they share these beliefs, morals, values which enhances the depth of their relationship because they connect to each other on a meaningful level.


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