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It’s amazing how we all crave to be lighter in complexion, even when some of us were born dark. Report has it that Nigeria and India has the highest percent of skin lightening product users in the world. Even without verifying this report, you will all agree that it’s true. Well, there’s no point disputing this fact as the weather here is getting hotter and sickening by the day, such that even when you wish to use a skin lightening product, you have to ensure that you stay away from the scorching sun always.

Besides, getting a perfect body cream to maintain your skin could pose a very herculean task for many of us, as we have to visit all the online stores, with the belief that it’s safer getting these items there. Well, we have always talked about the various body creams or skin lightening products every light skinned individual should go for, but what happens to the ones they should avoid? Although it has been said that skins differ thus, what works for A does not work for B, but that doesn’t mean that there are creams without the dark tag on them. Yes! There are actually body creams to be avoided by every light-skinned lady, as this has been carefully selected here. You obviously would not like a situation whereby you would be doing trial and error with your skin. It’s not good at all. Here are the five non-ideal body creams for every light-skinned ladies;

1. AMBI Soft and Even Creamy Oil:


Hello World

2. Dove Pro-Age Body Cream Oil:


3. Vaseline Cocoa Radiant:


4. Shea Body Butter by The Body Shop:

The Body Shop


5. Jergins Shea Butter Conditioning Moisturizer:





These body creams are not perfect for lightening the skin!

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