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Usually, Nigerians are lovers of great food. Every Nigerian man can testify that the best way to his heart is through his stomach. Therefore, a woman has to be more prepared in her journey of love as she must in one way or the other, know, what food really suits her partner….lol

On the other hand, our Nigerian foods are numerous. There are lots of them you can easily get on the street. These are called Nigerian street foods. They are what we should always be proud of. We must be willing to tell the world about how filling and tasty most of our Nigerian foods are, especially those of us in diaspora. The world needs to know about these foods. Here are the five Nigerian street foods the whole world needs to know;


This is simply the deep fried bean cakes. It is awesome. This delicious protein-packed fritters are light, making it ideal for breakfast as a side with pap (ogi), or throughout the day as a snack. Most people use peeled brown beans, ground and blended with onions and spices, and fry in vegetable oil. It tastes amazing when eaten with Agege bread.


Hello World


It’s a great dish made of peeled Nigerian beans ground together with onions, bell pepper, palm oil and spices, and steamed in banana leaves or other vessels. You can add any combination of extra bits to it: flaked fish, slices of hard boiled eggs, ground beef, as it’s literally up to you. It’s delicious and nutty, and is great as a side try it with any rice dish or part of a main dish with, for example, soaked garri (fermented cassava).

Moin moin


This is a deep fried plantain, cut in slim diagonal slices, circles or cubes and deep-fried. Some people like to sprinkle some salt on before frying, but that’s down to personal taste. It’s a snack, a side dish, a main meal, a blessing. It’s great because it tastes like a mother’s love. It’s impossible to cook it badly. It’s both a whole meal and a side dish. It is the best thing.



This is basically deep fried, light-as-air sweet dough balls, served alone or with sugar sprinkled it. It’s awesome as it’s the perfect party food. There are so many recipes out there. Try this one with a coconut twist.

Puff puff


These are slices of yam are dipped in a light akara mix or a plantain batter, and then deep fried. This is one of the Nigerian street foods that will blow your mind. It is usually served with chilli sauce, or a quick pepper stew.

Battered yam

The aforementioned Nigerian street foods as they are called, can be easily got on the street. You need wait until you get home before filling your stomach!

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