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Today we decided to show some love to our Muslim-brides-to-be by bringing them some inspiration on the type of ornaments they can use for their up coming wedding. Although the Muslim wedding rite is one that’s simple and straight forward there are other traditions involved depending on what culture you find yourself.

The general idea is for a Muslim bride to cover her head with a scarf and a veil however, fashion has definitely found its way into this ritual. While covering your head with a scarf and a veil is still very much part of the idea, adding beautiful trinkets and ornaments are a must.

The Muslim brides also wants to look beautiful and so they make sure that the fabric used for the scarf and the veil are made to perfection, with addition of beads, chains or crystals to keep it dazzling.

Here are four brides and five looks any soon to be Muslim bride can pull off;



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Zeynab Shittu

Zeynab Shittu

In every culture and religion the wedding day is an important day, it is the day when two people come together to become one before the eyes of God. Just like the rest of us, the Muslim hold their weddings to high esteem, they take pictures and look back on it.

The wedding day is one of the happiest day for any bride and that’s the reason why its important that much effort is put into glamming up and having the perfect Muslim bridal ornament.

I have a favorite look, tell me yours in the comment section below…

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