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Lots of articles dealing with this topic usually focus on saving money and space when you pack. While they are all incredibly helpful, I’m not looking to recreate the wheel, as comfort and convenience over saving a few bucks, particularly when it comes to air travel are my utmost concern. No matter how well seasoned a traveler you could be, you still need to know about some travel hacks, So instead, favorite tips that will help you avoid the inevitable hassles of frequent flying. Here are the most reliable travel hacks;

Travel hacks

Travel hacks

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1.Having Full Control Over Staying Connected:

If you travel frequently, it may be worth investing in your own wireless hotspot. Usually as smart phones and tablets become more and more important in our day to day lives, finding a way to use them when you are traveling abroad also becomes more important. Therefore, in-flight internet fees, international roaming charges, and hotel WiFi costs can be exorbitant, but there are several new and innovative options to avoid them altogether. This is especially important if you work from the road.

2.Sign Up For Global Entry:

You should do this before you do anything else. How would you like to know that you would never again have to remove your shoes in the check-in line? That you don’t have to purchase a First Class ticket to hop into a special express lane to get through security? This is priceless, as long as you are not a convicted criminal, you can have that peace of mind. Global Entry gets you the same privileges in addition to making returning from an international trip easier by eradicating paperwork and lengthy processing lines.

3.Scoring More Room In Your Economy Class Seat Without Upgrading:

Do you know that there is a website out there with up-to-date seating charts for every flight? It provides you with customer reviews, photos, and inside info on whether seats in a particular row don’t recline, whether a seat is too close to the bathroom, or whether there’s any extra legroom to be had. It’s called Seat Gur. You should always check it before booking a flight henceforth.

4.Premium Economy ; the best kept secret in air travel:

A premium economy, is a class of air travel where price, comfort, and amenities fall somewhere between economy and business class. While you don’t get a lay-flat seat or your own private pod, you get: more leg room, a wider seat; a bathroom close at hand shared by fewer people; less competition for overhead bin space and all of the privileges afforded to first class passengers when boarding.

5.Make free calls when you are abroad

Strive to make free international phone calls while you are abroad. All you need is WiFi to make free calls with Skype or Google Voice using its app or the Hangout app.


These travel hacks are useful to all. Get them into your head this time!

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