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Since I discovered diy’s and hacks my life has become so much easier and that’s the motivation behind every beauty hack, beauty diy and other diy’s I write about. Sincerely, if you haven’t tried any beauty hack then its about time you start. There are so many people that don’t understand the meaning of hacks so when they see an article that contains the word “Hack” they simple ignore and move on which is not doing them any good.

A hack is a measure or method that is used to make a goal easier to achieve and today we have 5 beauty hacks that are life-changing. Hacks makes things simpler and of course cheaper;

Beauty Hacks 1: A simple pencil eyeliner can become a gel pencil; simply hold the kohl pencil under a flame (provided by a lighter) for one second, then allow to cool down for another 15 (fifteen) seconds after which you can now apply. It would give you an instantly smudgier finish.

Hack 1

Hack 1

Hello World

Beauty Hacks 2: A simple white pencil can go a long way to make your eye-shadow pop. Simply apply the eye pencil on your eyelid, spread evenly with your fingers and then apply the eye-shadow. Do this in place of a eye-shadow primer.


Hack 2

Beauty Hacks 3: The winged liner is one of the hardest eye-liner shape to create if your hands are not steady enough. To make life easier you can use a spoon for this venture, simply hold the stem and then draw a straight line then flip the spoon and use the rounder outer edge to create a curve.


Hack 3

Beauty Hacks 4: Spoons are really useful beauty tools especially for a clumsy woman. Many times due to clumsiness, error or hurry we get mascara smeared on our lids. To avoid this simply hold the back en of the spoon to your eye-lid and apply.

Beauty hack 4

Hack 4

Beauty Hacks 5: Applying false eye lashes can be a bit tasking if you haven’t tried it before or if you’ve tried it and you always seem to get glue all over your hands and eyes. A simple solution to a neat application is the use of bobby pins to apply the glue.

Hack 5

Hack 5

This hacks would help you achieve perfection even when you don’t have all the available tools. Share your thoughts on what you think of this hack.

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