Relationship has the ability to turn a very sensible and enlightened individual into a confused and unrealistic person. Letting your relationship take away your judicious thinking abilities is not a good idea and I know many will feel the same, though you are not to blame. It’s very hard to see and acknowledge things that are so obviously wrong with your relationship because you are used to this person and scared of losing the title of being their girlfriend. Continue reading to know lies women tell themselves to try and save a failing relationship;


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1. He will change with time

People do change with time but when someone is inherently bad and unconcerned, if they spend all their life worrying about thier own happiness, needs and wants, then it’s very rare for them to change these feature of their personality. It is not good to continue trying to change your partner completely if you know that he is not the kind of person you want, they may even dislike you for it and that means your effort will be opposite of what you intended

2. I wont be able to do better than him

You are smart, you are kind, your are funny and you are an independent woman. The only reason you should be with a guy is if he actually treats you right and gives you the kind of happiness you deserve and not because you are scared you won’t find anyone else. This lie has deepen our insecurities and make us believe that we should take what we are getting regardless of what we deserve.

3. It is not his fault he was just angry, under lot of stress, tired, had a bad day

Is there any other excuse you can come up with? Yes we all have some weak moments at some point but if your partner treats you badly for a long and consistent period of time, there is no point coming up with excuses to constantly justify their behavior. Because he is having family problems or his boss is giving him a hard time at work does not mean he should yell at you or act indifferent towards you, you should know your worth and the kind of leverage you should allow another person.

4. If I change my mind now, people will think im just a tease

There would be time when you feel you like a guy and suddenly you realize you actually don’t. You are human, that you changed your mind doesn’t mean you are horrible, if you do not feel comfortable with someone, it’s your right to leave or stay and it does not mean you are a tease. Listen to what your instinct is telling you and stop feeling guilty for it because it will only end up hurting you and your partner if you drag on something you don’t intend to continue.

5. But he is so perfect

No one is perfect, if he does not know how to treat  his girl right, then his riches and good looks does not define him as a perfect human being. Let him go and look around, you will find a lot of imperfect fish in the sea that will actually keep you happy.

Don’t be ashamed to share the lies you told yourself during your bad days in the comment section below.


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