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Its that time of the year, the rain is beginning to rare its head and we must be prepared, you never know when a down pour might just meet you. There are certainly several fashionable must haves this rainy season but there are some things that are more important than others, this brings me to the 5 items you should have in your handbag at all times this rainy season;


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1.Shower Cap: Its time for you to get this, the rain can be really depressing when you think about the fact that your neatly made hair would get drenched. In order to avoid such mishaps, having a shower cap in your handbag always is an important move. It secures your hair from the rain and it keeps it in check.

2. Water Proof Shoes: If you happened upon a weather report in the morning that tells you there woud be light showers, then lucky you, you can simply put on your water proof shoes and be ready for the rainy, if not it is always easier to have it in your handbag just in case.

3. Water proof Tote: This is also very important and should be in your handbag at all times. The waterproof tote, a made of nylon and comes with a zip, it is small enough to fit into a purse and big enough to accommodate a large bag. The tote would protect your bag and all the items in it.

4. Collapsible Umbrella: Its ability to fold is the best thing about this umbrella, unfold it when you need it and fold it when you are done. It can also fit into your bag which is just perfect.

5. Water Proof Makeup: What best to have in your bag than something that can allow water slid off easily. God bless the creators of this amazing products.

This are the 5 items you should have in your handbag at all times this rainy season, do you have more to add, share with us in the comment box below.

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