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Its not unlikely to have dry and frizzy hair seeing that the harmattan has come back with a vengeance, Dry and frizzy hair comes about as a result of lack of moisture, it is simply a cry for nourishment. It is essential for curly, rough and coarse hair to revive proper nourishment so as to remain healthy and balanced. Usually a visit to the salon at least once a week is of the essence but there is usually not enough money or time to visit the salon regularly therefore there are home made remedies you can try or get a friend, sister or cousin to help.

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Here are the home made remedy for frizzy hair;

  1. Avocado Mask: This is an inexpensive yet effective remedy to use on frizzy hair, get two to three avocado pear, remove the peel and the seed then set off to marsh, apply the mashed avocado on your hair, do this twice or once a week to condition your hair.
  2. Coconut Oil and Vitamin E: The effectiveness of coconut oil is almost limitless, mix 4 parts of coconut oil to 1 part of vitamin E oil, shake, massage your hair and leave for forty minutes. Store the rest in a cool and try place.
  3. Lemon Juice: This would surely give your hair the boom it requires simply squeeze out juices from two lemons and mix with water. Use this mix to rinse your hair leave in for 1 hour before rinsing again with cold water.
  4. Honey and Yogurt: Make a hair pack using honey and yogurt, condition your hair with this mixture, leave in for a while before you wash with cold water.
  5. Mayonnaise is really good for your hair, whether you use mayonnaise for hair or food mayonnaise. For food mayonnaise mix 1/4th cup with 1/3 pure almond oil and 1-2 eggs depending on the length of your hair. Coat every strand of your hair well and cover up for a while. Rinse with water while adding a bit of vinegar.

This frizzy hair remedy is very simple and the ingredients are what you can find in your kitchen plus it saves you numerous trips to the hair salon and it saves you money.

Rinsing your hair with beer is also a useful remedy, leave for a while and rinse with cool water. What do you think of this remedies? how odd do you think they are? Leave your comments in the section below.

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