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Our head is our crown hence we must treat it with utmost respect but its difficult to achieve this with the climate condition at the moments, the heat waves cause us to itch our heads because our scalp is moist from sweat that doesn’t let up. Unfortunately the itching affects our scalp because we tend to scar our-self.

Another disadvantage of the heat wave when it comes to picking the right hairstyles is the fact that if you have on a hairstyle that is large, voluminous and bulky, you would only be setting yourself up for major discomfort, so much that you may take it off in the next 2 days hence wasting good money.

One reader sent us a request on what hairstyle to carry at this time because of the hot whether, and because we care we have decided to compile 5 hairstyles that can beat the heat, here they are;

Braids Or Twist 

People with braids or twist can tell you how comfortable they are but this people also stayed away from Marley hair because those are heavier. They also made sure the plaits were not so much to cause their heads to be heavy, and they also make sure to release the hair from the bun when they get home.

Big Braids

Big Braids

Hello World

Bantu Knot

The African sun is very hot and carrying the Bantu knot hairstyle at this time puts you at a greater advantage because it is fun, protective and light enough to store in the needed moisture and get rid of sweats because air passes through easily. This hairstyle suits people with thick natural hair as well as relaxed hair. If you are tired of the knots you can release it to form perfect curls.

Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots

Braid Out

The advantage of having a long and full bodied hair is the fact that there are several hairstyles you can create using your hair alone and one of them includes the braid out. This look is very easy to create and its just perfect t for this weather because you don’t get to attach anything to your hair.

Braid out

Braid out


The African cornrows have different names in different countries. Depending on what style you want, a simple cornrow is all you need to survive this heat wave.

Corn Rows

Corn Rows


I love wigs and they are perfect for this weather because all you have to do is wear them to work and take them off when you get home so that air can get into your simple cornrows.



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