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Healthy living is something we preach all the time, but those who have tried it would tell you how expensive it can be. This is because everything you buy for your kitchen has to be fresh and organic, this makes living healthy quite expensive. To be able to eat healthy and stay true to this turn in your life, you have to be strategic and organized. There are short-cuts that can help you stay healthy, eat organic and still have change in your pocket,


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Below we’ve listed out 10 easy ways to eat healthy without breaking the bank;

  • If you shop at a supermarket then the fruits and vegetables are quite expensive compared to the farmers market. So in order to reduce your expense try going to the farmers market to get your fresh fruits and vegetables rather than the super market.
  • One of the rules about eating healthy is staying clear of anything that is not farm fresh, but in reality its, cheaper and safe to mix up your organic produce with some non organic produce like sweet corn, green peas etc.
  • Buying in bulk at the farmers market and freezing the produce is another way to cut cost. So fill up your freezer with organic produce you can use to make a meal or smoothie or desert, its one of the best ideas yet.
  • You need your protein, but meat and eggs can be a bit expensive if you are not up for spending money buying this produce then go for beans instead. That’s another great source of protein.
  • Drinking water is paramount to healthy living but drinking bottled water can be cumbersome and expensive (Trust me, I know) simply buy a water bottle to reuse every-time.

This are just some ways you can eat healthy without creating a hole in your pocket. Do you have any other suggestions to add? Share with us in the comment box below.

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