There are confusing things guys do that makes you assume they don’t love you, sometimes they might show some clear signals like texting you, calling you or sending dozen of roses for no reason. Surprisingly your partner may even tell you he likes you out rightly and that will be very brave of him and when this happens, you feel secured in your relationship and the feeling that the world is a better place. But, more often, the signs a guy loves you are confusing and uncertain. If you want to figure out what the problem is and how you can come out it, continue reading to know the confusing things that guys do that shows they love you;


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  • He gets very serious or quiet

The level of a guys seriousness will show you if he loves you or not, he may be quiet and pondering during conversations or may even be boring asking you about your job and conducting an interview at times, this is also a hint that he is merely playing it safe and extremely careful not to mess things up. He will rather let you start the conversation than risk him losing you.

  • He acts confidence and bragging

Being self confidence and bragging aren’t things women look for, but often times guys brag to build their value because they want to impress you. It is an ironical sign that he loves you, it doesn’t mean he is trying to compete with you, he is merely selling himself  with fear so that you can see what he can offer and give him your time.

  • He formulates his approach

The way a guy approaches you shows he loves you, he is uncomfortable with the thought of losing you to the errors that he might commit and, thus, he acts solemn in his approach. Guys often go into masculine mode when they aren’t sure what else to do.

  • He mistakenly insults you

That he tries to tease, joke or flirt with you are signs he really likes you, he might seem arrogant and rude, he is only trying to connect with you by challenging you. This are things guys do when they want to show affection, they try to be playful not realizing they are coming off terribly.

  • He doesn’t initiate physical intimacy

This is the most confusing signs, it may turn awkward even if you are giving him a green light. You might conclude that he’s not attracted to you or that you are not his type, but the truth men do not jump into $3x with the woman they love because they are simply afraid of moving quickly and ruining the relationship. Even if you are giving him a green sign, he will still have this fear of rejection or fear of ruining his chance of a good relationship.


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