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The tattoo trend is one that has been here over the years. It doesn’t seem to be leaving any time soon, as more beautiful and classy ideas are emerging as the days go by.

A common question often asked about a female tattoo is; “How old is too old for a woman to get tattooed?” Well, the internet really has a lot to say about the female tattoo. A survey out of the UK last year put the cut-off at thirty-one. Aside this, there is usually one rule to follow and that is: to follow none. Therefore, if you are over forty and want a tattoo, all that matters is that you choose something you absolutely love and be confident about it. These are the five classy female tattoo ideas you need to try;

1. Twin Blossoms Tattoo: This  pair of delicate and lightly coloured bloom is one female tattoo to opt for. It looks lovely on both wrists and forearms.

ta1 feminine flower japanese-flower-tattoo-ideas


Hello World

2. Detailed Aesthetic: The lovely thing about this piece is that it is made entirely of filigree, which gives it a daintier look.

ta2 filigree-tattoo-ideas_01Detailed Aesthetics

Detailed Aesthetics

3. Gentle Reminder: This is a female tattoo which requires only one word to bring positivity to both your body and your life.

ta3 tattoo-lettering-ideas- gentle reminder

Gentle reminder

4. Textured Bow: The beautiful thing about this realistic textured bow tattoo is how its movement, shading and placement beautifully complement the subject’s figure. Talk about a gorgeous female tattoo and you’ll definitely see one in this.

ta4 Romantic lace-tattoo-ideas_textured bow

Textured bow

5. Permanent Print: You can honour your child in an artistic way by getting a tattoo of his or her fingerprint. This heart-shaped design is actually lovely.

ta5 personal homage-fingerprint-tattoo-ideas

Fingerprint tattoo

Just get stylish with any of these!

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