Becoming business savvy, skilled and successful as a woman is not a days job, at a point in your life you may feel that you are not doing enough, sometimes you are frustrated because you can’t see a clear view ahead only whats in sight. There are times when you are left wondering why you haven’t gotten that promotion yet or why your career part seems to be stagnant, at this point its hard to pinpoint your goals when you cannot see a clear part ahead. To gain clarity here are the 5 career mistakes that are holding you back;

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1. Setting The Wrong Goals

Its very typical for many of us to set a goal that at a point might actually be too ambitious, there is wisdom in starting small, appreciating where you are, learning, improving in your current position and total upgrade. If we focus more on doing what we already do best then an upgrade would certainly follow.

2. Politeness Rather Than Honesty

A wise man once said “Honesty is the best policy” and that’s the truth. If you are a manager then transparency and constructive criticism should be your watch word. Gather your team, ask for their comments and give feed back on their performance, no need to sugar coat it, give them a honest feed back but never fail to encourage your team. Also ask them to give a review and their own undiluted feed back, this would build a unique and trusting relationship.

3. Badmouthing Competition

Whether or not they are doing better, its only a resentful person that would see a competitor and want to run them down with their mouth. Instead of this unproductive attitude, learn and study why they have been doing better than you then try to improve. You would certainly see the difference.

4. Not Upgrading Yourself

Everyone is replaceable but what makes you different is the ability to up-grade and develop yourself. Gaining other skills would develop you into an ordinary employee to a well rounded employee. Pay attention to little things, read and generally up your skill game.

5. Adopting A Complainers Approach

As an employee you should try to be different, when others are busy complaining you should try not to rather, look at the situation then think of a solution to the problem. Take this to your manager, this effort shows that you have taken initiative and your manager would definitely appreciate that you taken time to try to solve the problem.

Some other honorable mentions are, Not having an elevator speech (remember we talked about this), Valuing perfection over creativity, Agreeing without questions, Not knowing how to prioritize etc. This are also contributors to your career mistakes.

I hope you learn from this 5 career mistakes that are holding you back, remember to always upgrade yourself. We learn everyday.

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