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Sleep has always been known to be another form of beauty. “Beauty sleep is very important, but what you do before laying down makes a whole lot of difference. You need some quick pre-bedtime tips that will leave your skin smoother and more radiant by the time your alarm starts buzzing.

Pre-bed tips

Pre-bed tips

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The following are the best five pre-bed tips for healthy skin;

1. Sleep on Your Back:

Usually, pillows and sheets leave not-so-pretty indentations on your cheeks when you wake up in the morning, if you fall asleep on your stomach or side. Besides, applying pressure on your face can lead to wrinkles. Thus, not only does sleeping on your back using a silk pillowcase keep your face free of fine lines, it also props your head up just so to keep fluids from pooling under your eyes and creating unsightly bags.

2. Get Steamy:

Well, you can look like you even if you don’t have time for a regular facial every four to six weeks. Simply try this tried-and-true technique once a week: Step into a hot, steamy shower for a minute or two before you wash your face. Endeavor not to put your skin directly in contact with the water or else you could scald your skin. Expose your face to the steam long enough to allow it to open your pores. This will open up your pores, helping to loosen any oil, dirt, sweat, and bacteria for a seriously deep cleanse.

3. Cleanse Twice:

To really remove all traces of your makeup, especially if you used long-lasting makeup, which really does live up to its claim, wash your face twice using a method called “double cleansing.” First, use an oil-based cleanser to remove your makeup so as to help break down the waxes and polymers, this is way more effectively than soap and water. Then, use a gentle non-soap cleanser to rid your skin of any leftover residue.

4. Slough Away Dead Skin:

To keep these dead cells moving, use your cleanser at least twice a week, which will leave you with glowing, smooth skin, since the acids in cleansers reach deeper into your skin’s layers than physical scrubs, breaking the bonds between dead cells and loosening them.

5. Give Your Skin a Shot of Moisture:

As one of the pre-bed tips, apply a hydrating mask or moisturizer mask. Ensure to keep it in the fridge in between uses; if your moisturizer or hydrating mask is cold upon application, it will cut down on any redness in your skin by constricting blood vessels.

It’s not just in fairy tales you hear about beauty sleep. Make it real in your own way and get a healthy looking skin. Simply follow these awesome pre-bed tips. Kudos! Beauty sleep done right!

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