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It’s absolutely disgusting to take off your shoes especially in a friend’s apartment and then everywhere starts stinking. I guess you wouldn’t want to be a victim of such. There’s actually a way out of this challenge; foot odour control products are the answers to this.

Foot odour control products come in various types. Some reduce sweating while others keep your feet dry despite perspiration. There are certain products that kill odour producing bacteria and others remove or mask odour. If your feet do not sweat a whole lot but are still smelly, trust me, you need to be acquainted with the best foot odour control products. Here are the five best foot odour control products;

1. Tea tree oil foot soak: This blend of Epsom salt and tea tree oil is one of the strongest foot odour control products. It contains two of the most used most potent substances to reduce bacteria as well as soften skin. Anyone open to taking foot baths  can enjoy healthier, softer, fresher feet.

foots1 Purely-Northwest-Tea-Tree-Oil-Foot-Soak-With-Epsom-Salt

Tea Tree Oil

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2. Sweat Block: The clinical strength antiperspirant wipes contain aluminum chloride and stops your feet from sweating by constricting the pores in your feet. You absolutely need this if your feet sweat profusely . Aluminum chloride is the recommended treatment for excessive sweating.

foots2 Sweat-Block

Sweat Block

3. Lavilin foot cream: This is a clinically proven effective botanical antibacterial cream. Proponents of ecological and natural remedies will love this cream. It is highly effective.

foots3 Lavilin-foot-cream


4. Rocket Pure’s Natural Shoe Deodorizer: This antimicrobial and odour-repelling blend works in two ways; it kills the germs residing in your shoes and deodorizes the shoes. Marathon runners, steel-toed boots wearing railway workers, snowboarders, name it can use this deodorizer. It’s all-natural, can be used on footwear and feet, and works like a charm.

foots4 Rocket-Pure-Natural-Shoe-Deodorizer

Rocket Pure

5. Foot spray: Elite Foot Deodorant Spray for Athletes: This soothes your feet, reduces bacteria and keeps feet dry. This hygienic product ever sold comprises of essential oils and plant extracts including cocos, lavender, chamomille, ginger and rooibos tea.  It helps you get rid of that dreaded foot odour but it does more. It soothes, feels cool to the heals cracked skin, and even relaxes tired feet.

foots5 Elite-Foot-Deodorant-Spray-for-Athletes


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