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I schooled in a country where you could get coconut water, fresh from the coconut itself any time you wanted, all you had to do was walk down to any of the several cariffo (round about) and you would find somebody selling different sizes. The maximum amount you could get back then was cent secant (150) which in Naira back then was equivalent to #50, Imagine how inexpensive this beneficial item was and O took it for granted.

The first time I found out the essence of the coconut water was through my big aunt, she had come for a visit and the first thing she bought when I picked her up at the border was coconut water in its husk, then she gave a lecture on how important it was for the body. This goes to show that coconut water might quench your taste and cleanse your palette but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have nutritional benefits as well.



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So what are the benefits of drinking coconut water? Here are 5 benefits of coconut water you didn’t know about;

  • Here’s to a perfect skin

Because it contains a lot of anti oxidants, applying the extract or water on your outer skin when you have acne or some other type of skin defects helps to tone and clear up the skin. Ingesting this super liquid helps to moisturize and reduce oil from within. This is an anti-aging tendency.

  • Dehydration be gone

If you are an exercise junkie who is prone to carrying out rigorous amounts of exercise or you are someone who is involved in an extremely long physical activity daily, then this liquid serves as a superb replacement for the bodily fluid lost during any work out or physical activity.

  • All the nutrients you deserve 

Electrolytes are closely related to human plasma and luckily this fluid contains 5 electrolytes which include sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium and phosphorous. Because of this composition any body with any medical condition can enjoy it.

  • Loose those Extra pounds

You can have as much as you want since the fat content contained in this fluid is pretty low. Therefore taking enough of it gives you the essential nutrients whilst making you feel full which means less food and pounds reduction.

  • Blood pressure on an all-time low

Since this fluid contains an adequate level of electrolytes, this helps to balance out the body mechanism. To reduce it drastically, consume this liquid at the start of each day.

Coconut water can be consumed as a stand alone beverage or you can consume with other beverages just remember to consume eight ounce serving everyday.

What are the other benefits of coconut water? Do you have a clue? Share with us in the comment section below.

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