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Every decade has a list of trending hairstyles, while the basic in itself still remains the same, the styling however have taken quite a different turn. Today we would be sharing with you the latest hairstyles information- for a while there have been some amazing hairstyles  that has been trending and we’ve caught on to them. If you are bored or tired of the look you are currently carrying you should try any of these 4 trendy hairstyles.


Black girls are know to be sassy and what hairstyle gives you the most sassiest vibe? If you guessed Short/Low-Cut hairstyles you would be right. Depending on your face/head shape, the short/low-cut hairstyles work a great deal, it makes you look younger and fierce all at once.


Hello World

Kristia Tolode

Nancy Isime

Lola Oj

Fulani African Braids

Thanks to Beyonce and her sister Solange, the Fulani braids are back and guess what they are bigger and better. This hairstyle takes you back to your childhood and the fact that you can rock such a cute style even as an adult is so amazing. If you haven’t tried this style already you should do that ASAP!

Rachel Acheampong

Luchi Loyale

Tare Deinne



Tracy Mireku

Adesubomi Shitu

Amaechi Uchechi


Weave s probably too generic but there are different types of weaves at the moment, the styles and cuts and coloring are also different and we would be sharing with you our most favored weave look of the month below;

Tiarra Monet

Kristia Tolode

Jennie Jenkins

Chloe Kitembo

Box Braid 

This is an all year round hairstyle and thats why it has always stayed in trend. Thanks to the fact that the braid wigs have been made available, getting a box braid one is as easy as ordering a wig cap online, however you could still go for the real deal, here are some cool looks to try.

Voke Petra


Chloe Kitembo

There are so many beautiful trendy hairstyles here; which of these trendy hairstyles would you be trying out?

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If you have got an amazing style game and you want to showcase it to the world. Send us an email at [email protected] Who knows? We might just feature you!

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