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There are so many persons who are just too scared of travelling; they’ve got too much travel anxiety. The truth is; even the most seasoned traveller feels a twinge of excitement and fear just before a trip. In all, it is better to put your anxiety aside.

It’s also good to feel an extra bounce in your step, with a smile that would spread across your face when you arrive at a terminal. Well, longing to know more about how best you can reduce anxiety, here are the four travel tricks for people with anxiety;

Travel tricks

Travel tricks

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1.Illuminate The Shadows:

Not knowing what to expect once you are on the ground at your destination can cause fear for some persons. In this case, take it into your own hands to eliminate as many unknowns as you can. Do your research and prove to yourself you have done all you can to prepare so, don’t just read travel publications that make every destination seem ideal. Find blogs by regular travelers to get a more full understanding of your destination.

2.Engage In Self-care:

Also, our emotions are not simply governed by our surroundings, they are highly impacted by our activities and hormones. If you are anxious about travel, it is especially important to take care of yourself leading up to a trip. Exercise and balanced blood sugar levels are your best friends. Do exercise the morning of your travel day so that your blood is circulating well. This decreases the chance of swelling or restlessness on your flight. And it releases endorphins that make you see the world more positively.

3.Find a Musical Distraction:

If anxiety sets in for you while you are at the airport or on the plane, you know it can be tough not to fall victim. Anxiety is like a little child. Distract your mind away from it and it will subside. That’s why music is an important tool. Make yourself a few playlists a calming one, a groovy one, and even a playlist that reminds you of another time in your life when you were more carefree.

4.Relocate Your Body:

Sometimes stress gets us going and it is hard to stop the mental processes that are making us anxious despite our best efforts. A powerful technique that we can use in any stressful situation is called progressive muscle relaxation. It helps calm you down by bringing your attention to the physical world and to your physical body. And you can do it standing in line or sitting down anywhere.


These four travel tricks will indeed help reduce anxiety for you now. Try them when next you are heading for the airport!

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