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This year I refused to make a resolution, not that I didn’t want to, but I had to be realistic. There are some folks that make a resolution and make sure they fulfill everything on the list an there are some that make a list and try to fulfill at least some part of it and there are those people that make a list and forget about it the very next day, am one of these people (I won’t tell you which one) but this year I did something different, I said to myself “every time I do something that I shouldn’t have done I would resolve not to do it again instantly” so rather than making a list, my resolve is instantaneous and so far its just the beginning of the year there is so much left to be seen…


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One of the major reasons why we make a resolution in the first place is because there is something we are addicted to, there is an habit that we need to break whether its drinking, smoking, loosing weight, reducing our outburst etc hence we resolve to get rid of or minimize it. The fact that we resolve at the beginning of the year to stop means we have a long way to go and this translates to the many temptations that would come up along the way, according to behavioral doctors, this are the steps you need to take before you are able to break a bad habit;

  1. First you need to understand addiction and this means knowing when something is bad for you and still not being able to let go (eg. food addiction).
  2. Next you need to figure out what triggers your addiction, and many times addictions are triggered by emotions e.g you know what you are into is bad for your health but when you are sad it makes you feel good and you find comfort.
  3. Next swap fear tactics for curiosity, this works because rather than forcing yourself to break an addiction be curios this would force you to watch, notice and understand the patterns of your addiction and why you are feeling them hence you step into being and try to find ways and solutions around your addiction.
  4. Then you mindfully break the pattern of your addiction, so instead of trying to turn away from your addiction you turn to them because now you have studied the pattern and you can face them head on.

What bad habit have you wanted to break? and if you have broken them how did achieve it? let us know, leave your answers in the comment box below.

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