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Many woman have always wondered why their partners find it difficult to tell them the exact amount they earn monthly. This has brought about so many controversies in relationships. The bitter truths in relationships must be shared. Talking about money with anyone, even yourself, can be awkward as hell. It gets even more complicated when you are having the conversation with the person you’re sleeping with, but you definitely have to ask some questions.

Money questions

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Here are the four money questions to ask in a relationship;

1. Are there any financial regrets?

Well, debt can have a major impact on a relationship, so this may be the most important question you can ask. Ease into the topic to avoid anyone getting defensive. Then say what is owed and why. It’s important to share how much you make and how much you’ve saved. Once all the facts are out in the open, you can work as a team to create a plan of attack.

2. Are your parents still paying any of your bills?

Being fiscally tied to parents can signal that a person is delaying a major step into adulthood. If he’s unable to pay for his own cell phone, there may be other milestones he isn’t ready for. Whichever of you is in this situation should explain why. Next, establish what it will take to become independent and build a financial life as a couple.

3. Is anyone financially dependent on you?

Both of you have divulged if you have a kid(s) you are supporting, but you should also be up front if you send your mum a monthly check to help her get by or if he regularly gives money to a cash-strapped friend. Revealing these kinds of constraints presents a fuller picture of your finances. Don’t judge, but ask if he sees  himself doing this forever.

4. How do you envisage your life would be in ten years?

Also get specific about your visions for the future. Ask each other, “What kind of house will you live in?” “What car will you drive?” “What are you doing today to get you there?”. The answers will show if you are in sync but also reveal if each of you is doing the work now to make these dreams a reality eventually. You are good to go if the responses indicate a detailed plan to reach that goal.

These money questions in relationship are truly of great importance to you and your partner!

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