We all go through the phase when we dream about what we actually want to do and become but out of the 100% that have this dream less than 5% actually get their dream job so the question now boils down to what happens to the other 95% or more? In reality there are so many people that are working jobs that they have no interest in and when you ask many of them they would tell you how grateful they are to get a steady pay but that’s what they say, whether they are grateful indeed is another question entirely.

When you further study, you would see that we spend more than half of our lives working from 8-5 or 9-6 (nigeria only) that means half of the time we are at work, on our way to work or on our way back home. This gets you thinking, would I be unhappy for the rest of my life?


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From research psychologist have found that this with this 3 ways you can fall in love with your job;

  1. The first tip or trick is to focus your thoughts on the action for work rather than the outcome of your work this means trying as much as possible to solve situations around the work area that needs to be solved. Challenge yourself to provide a resolution for something that is wrong within the organisation without paying attention to whether it would work or not.
  2. Falling in love with your job is a mental exercise, and one of the important ways to fall in love with the job is by redefining enjoyment. Rather than viewing enjoyment as something that comes when you have accomplished a goal, redefine enjoyment by appreciating that you are sharpening your skills.
  3. Lastly and most importantly is gratitude, don’t just say it, feel it. People that are grateful always discover than even when they are down, they are grateful for their life and this brings about inner peace and satisfaction. So be grateful for everything, your life, your little accomplishment and your goals.

What mental tricks can make you fall in love with your job? Share with us in the comment section below.

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