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Tell me which lady that does not love a little sparkle on her body. One of such ways to add little sparkle to the body with the shattered glass nails. The best part is, this nail design takes little to no time to create. This gorgeous Korean nail art reflects light perfectly and look like shattered glass.

Nothing truly lasts forever thus, you would certainly want to remove these nails one day.

Glass nails

Shattered glass nails

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If you’d like to get the shattered glass manicure yourself, below are the things to consider in fixing shattered glass nails so as to pull them with ease;

1.Have the right materials: Use a more versatile, lightweight rolled rainbow film to create the shattered glass manicure. A common mistake is that people try to use cellophane paper, but that won’t give the proper arched shape of the nail. You can even buy film stickers that make it much easier to apply this.

Note: You can use a remover wrap with acetone base to get rid of the film this helps to soften the gel you used to keep the film in.

2. Try getting a unique look each time: Due to the highly reflective nature of the shattered glass manicure, each one appears different wherever you are. The film simply reflects different light at different angles at different times. It’s truly like getting a different manicure every time you move your nails as the colors and reflective light continually shift.

Note: Using cellophane can make it really tough to take out because its thick.

3.Easy DIY method: Cut up bits of nail foil and arrange them on your nails to form a shattered glass pattern. Keep the bits close together  or space them out in creative ways for a unique look. Use the method above to set the foil with a base coat of polish and a few topcoats. You could add gems and studs to ramp up the look.

Note: Taking out the stones would require acetone and knickers 

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