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It is true that when you think of a great set of teeth and gums, you probably imagine pearly white teeth and healthy pink gums. Then if you happen to notice that your gums have turned black, grey, or white, you may be quite concerned. While some gum discolouration is a natural occurrence, other discoloration can be hazardous to your health and require serious attention. Obviously, we are dealing with the mouth, so one shouldn’t expect using a skin lightening product.

Although you have heard about teeth whitening and bleaching, but have you heard about gum bleaching? This unique procedure allows you to change or improve the natural colour of the gum tissues surrounding your teeth, but despite these, you really have to know the reasons behind a dark gum, as it prevents you from having those very lovely smiles.

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Here are the three things that prevent your dark gum from lightening up;


Definitely, some people may have discoloured gums from smoking cigarettes  The truth is; the habit of frequent smoking not only darkens your gum, but also darkens your lips and some organs.


Taking certain medications such as minocycline, tricyclic antidepressants, or metal-based crown fillings lead prevent your gum from lightening up. Some of our local medications cause this too. There are many of us who are on self medications, taking these drugs. Most persons who take our local medications administer this on their own, without considering other harmful effects they could have on the mouth, especially the gum, leading to frequent darkening or discolouration.


Acute necrotizing periodontal disease, also referred to as black gum disease is one of the diseases of the gum. This black discoloration of the gums is due to dead tissue, or necrosis. This is a serious health issue, with symptoms that can also include bleeding gums, strong pain, and a foul smelling mouth. Along with improper oral care, the causes of this disease can include stress, smoking, viral infections,. If left untreated, the disease can spread to your cartilage and then bone, causing very serious health concerns.


Your dark gum can be preserved if only you know what prevents dark gum from lightening up!



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